What Constitutes a Family Law Matter in Virginia?

Family law encompasses a broad arena of law. It includes legal matters relating to paternity, adoption, protective orders, spousal support, visitation rights, child custody, divorce, marriage, adult guardianship and any other legal situation that involves the family structure. It can sometimes even address same-sex marriage and abortion rights, which are often seen as controversial issues. As in other states, Virginia family laws were created and are revised by the courts as a result of various actions by lawmakers.

Why Hiring a Family Law Attorney is Necessary

Any legal issue involving the familial unit has the propensity to become emotionally charged. Therefore, having a steady hand guiding the ship through such tumultuous waters is a must. By seeking out the services of a family law attorney, you ensure your voice is heard throughout the process of dealing with your family law matter.

About David Bice, Central Virginia Family Law Attorney

David Bice graduated from the University of Virginia in 1978 and the Cumberland School of Law in 1984 and went on to work with the Lynchburg Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office for a time. He was originally appointed in 1986 as a special justice and continues to serve in that capacity today. He is currently serving on the board of the Lynchburg Bar Association. David is also trained as a mediator, certified to practice under the collaborative practice model and is certified as an arbitrator with the Virginia State bar and continues to limit his practice to that of family law. Today, he brings all his knowledge to his private practice, David B. Bice, P.C., which primarily centers on family law, civil litigation and collaborative practice model.  The wealth of knowledge and experiences David, along with his staff Jake Snow, Debborah “DJ” Martin, Deedy Cleland and Alyssa M. Peters brings to the table and make The Bice Law Group a valuable asset you will want on your side when it comes time to face your own family law matter.

What to do When Handling a Family Law Legal Matter

If you reside in the Central region of Virginia and are experiencing an issue in the family law arena, contact Central Virginia Family Law Attorney David B. Bice, P.C. today to learn more about he and his staff can help you handle your family law matter.

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