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Facing the disillusionment of a marriage relationship is never easy, even when both parties are in agreement that the relationship should end. In fact, divorces are fraught with potential hot-button issues that make them difficult for virtually anyone to deal with, no matter their temperament. For example, child visitation arrangements, child custody agreements and the division of assets are all difficult issues that come up in divorces that are hard for two people to come to an agreement upon.


The process of adopting a child is an amazingly exciting, yet somewhat confusing process. The family aspects of adoption are overwhelmingly positive, which was evidenced by a survey performed by American Adoption that revealed the fact that 90% of adopted children aged five and older have experienced positive feelings about their adoption. Unfortunately, the legal elements surrounding adoption can be difficult to traverse and are downright confusing in many cases.

Adult Guardianship

Everyone hopes they are able to deal with our own legal matters and personal care as they age. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible. In fact, many times, people become unable to continue caring for themselves after developing a disease or simply due to the aging process. When this happens, adult guardianship can be a legal tool that allows others to step in and help.

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