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The process of adopting a child is an amazingly exciting, yet somewhat confusing process. The family aspects of adoption are overwhelmingly positive, which was evidenced by a survey performed by American Adoption that revealed the fact that 90% of adopted children aged five and older have experienced positive feelings about their adoption. Unfortunately, the legal elements surrounding adoption can be difficult to traverse and are downright confusing in many cases. That’s why it’s wise to seek the help of Central Virginia Adoption Attorney David B. Bice, P.C. when considering or processing an adoption.

How Adoptions Work in Virginia

All states vary slightly as to how they approach the issue of adoption. Virginia requires families complete a six-month home residency before the adoption is finalized. They also require children aged 14 and older to consent to their own adoption. The state of Virginia allows both non-agency and agency arranged placements for adoptions and allows anyone to file to adopt a child. However, they do demand that if a person is married that his or her spouse obtains legal support in order for the adoption to proceed. In other words, one married spouse can’t adopt without the legal consent of the other.

More About Adoption in Virginia

Whether or not you go through an adoption agency to adopt, you will still need to have your adoption approved by an adoption court. This process begins by filing a petition with the court, then having an adoption hearing. Filing the petition for court can be a bit tricky. There are a number of forms that all have to be properly filed with the court. The specific laws in Virginia also need to be adhered to when filing the petition. For that reason, it’s vital that you seek the services of a Central Virginia Adoption Attorney David B. Bice, P.C. to ensure these steps are followed to the letter.

When to Call an Adoption Attorney

Whether you are considering adoption and want to know more or you are ready to make the step now, you should contact David B. Bice, P.C today to learn more about adoption laws in Virginia. He and his staff are ready to serve you by providing a legal roadmap for you to follow throughout the happy process of welcoming another child into your home through adoption. Don’t wait, call today!

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