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Facing the disillusionment of a marriage relationship is never easy, even when both parties are in agreement that the relationship should end. In fact, divorces are fraught with potential hot-button issues that make them difficult for virtually anyone to deal with, no matter their temperament. For example, child visitation arrangements, child custody agreements and the division of assets are all difficult issues that come up in divorces that are hard for two people to come to an agreement upon. That is why seeking the help of a divorce attorney like David B. Bice, P.C. when facing the end of your marriage is wise.

How Divorce is Handled in Virginia

All states handle the process of divorce differently. Virginia demands at least one of the parties filing for divorce be a resident of the state for a least six months before the dissolution of the marriage. The state also requires the couple to complete a one-year separation period before they can file “no fault” as their grounds for divorce. This separation must include living in separate locations for at least one year, no cohabitation at all during this time. This year-long separation period can be reduced to six months on certain conditions. For example, if you and your former spouse agree on your divorce arrangements and you don’t have minor children, your separation might be reduced.

What it Means to File “No-Fault” as Grounds For Divorce

Filing no-fault as the reason for your divorce means exactly what you might assume, that no one is “at fault” for the marriage’s breakdown. This means you don’t have to prove your spouse did something wrong to cause the end of your relationship. If there is some reason that you are filing for divorce besides that you just can’t get along, you would use that reason as your “grounds for divorce.” Adultery, spousal abuse, and other similar issues can all be grounds for divorce that do not demand you separate from your spouse before beginning the process of ending your marriage.

Actions You Should Take Before Filing For Divorce in Virginia

If you are thinking about filing for divorce or just want to know more about your options when it comes to legal separation, contact Central Virginia Family Law Attorney David B. Bice, P.C. today. He will tell you what you can expect and help you understand your rights as they pertain to divorce proceedings in Virginia. He and his staff will ensure your voice is heard when it comes to your divorce.

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